Total Population Investigation of Dental Hospitalizations in Indigenous Children Under Five Years in Western Australia Using Linked Data

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Faculty of Education and Arts


Kurongkurl Katitjin




This article was originally published as: Slack-Smith, L., Read, A., Colvin, L., Leonard, H., Kilpatrick, N., Mcaullay, D. , & Messer, L. (2011). Total population investigation of dental hospitalizations in Indigenous children under five years in Western Australia using linked data. Australian Dental Journal, 56(4), 358-364. Original article available here


Background: The aim of this study was to compare dental hospital admissions in a total state birth population of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children aged under five years in Western Australia. Methods: Midwives' notification data were linked to databases of deaths, admissions, birth defects and intellectual disability. Births during 1980-1995 were followed until five years of age (n = 383 665). Dental admissions were classified by ICD-9 principal diagnosis categories. Results: There were 738 dental admissions for 665 children aged up to five years of Indigenous mothers (n = 20 921). Indigenous children comprised 6.3% of all children having a dental admission in this age group; 3.2% of children with Indigenous mothers had a dental admission compared with 2.7% of non-Indigenous children. Overall, 8.7% (n = 58) of Indigenous children with a dental admission had a birth defect and 5.5% (n = 23) had an intellectual disability (compared to 8.8% and 3.2%). Indigenous children were four times more likely to be diagnosed with oral soft tissue diseases than non-Indigenous children, and less likely to be categorized as having diseases of the dental hard tissues. Indigenous children were more likely to have a longer dental admission. Conclusions: These analyses provide important findings regarding hospital admissions for Indigenous children. Admissions for disorders of the soft tissues are more common in Indigenous children.




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