Bacterial sulfate reduction based ecotechnology for remediation of acidic pit lakes

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Australian Centre for Geomechanics


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Radhakrishnan, N. K., Mccullough, C. D., & Lund, M. A. (2011). Bacterial sulfate reduction based ecotechnology for remediation of acidic pit lakes. In Clint D. McCullough (Eds.). Mine Pit Lakes: Closure and Managment (pp. 121-134). Perth: Australian Centre for Geomechanics. Available here


This 183-page book is a concise summary of the considerable body of mine pit lake knowledge and experience and provides mining engineers and those responsible for mine closure and management a one‐stop reference. It is applicable to underground and surface mining operations. Edited by Dr Clint D. McCullough, Edith Cowan University, Australia, it is an attractive full colour, hard bound, easy to follow publication that contains detailed photographs and schematics and contributions from personnel working in this field. Published by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics it has been reviewed by Robert L. Kleinmann, Editor-in-Chief, Mine Water and the Environment, Pittsburgh, USA. He says it “provides an excellent overview of an important topic. The book is written with the practitioner in mind and the authors of the various chapters have done a fantastic job of summarising how to plan, develop, and manage pit lakes. It is quite readable, without a lot of jargon, and will be useful to engineers and managers at mine sites who are involved in designing pit lakes and developing or implementing mine closure plans, as well as regulators who oversee pit lake development and stakeholders who wish to be well informed. It incorporates case studies from around the world and uses them to illustrate many key aspects of pit lake planning and management.

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