An Approach for Integration of Industrial Robot with Vision System and Simulation Software

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Journal Article


World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering (SOE)




This article was originally published as: Khusheef, A. S., Kothapalli, G. , & Tolouei Rad, M. (2011). An approach for integration of industrial robot with vision system and simulation software. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 58, 18-23. Original article available here


Utilization of various sensors has made it possible to extend capabilities of industrial robots. Among these are vision sensors that are used for providing visual information to assist robot controllers. This paper presents a method of integrating a vision system and a simulation program with an industrial robot. The vision system is employed to detect a target object and compute its location in the robot environment. Then, the target object’s information is sent to the robot controller via parallel communication port. The robot controller uses the extracted object information and the simulation program to control the robot arm for approaching, grasping and relocating the object. This paper presents technical details of system components and describes the methodology used for this integration. It also provides a case study to prove the validity of the methodology developed.

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