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Barratt-Pugh, L., & Bahn, S. (2011). Introducing mandatory training systems? Investigating the implementation of compulsory pre-site construction training. Paper presented at the 14th Annual Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) Conference. Melbourne, Australia. Available here


There can be no more effective learning than that achieved by training systems to reduce death and injury. In such cases the imposition of a mandatory course would appear justifiable, especially where there is a history of unfortunate incidents and current rapid workforce growth. Installing learning as an imperative within a vibrant industry requires considerable negotiation between stakeholders to turn evidence into policy, industry intent, regulatory curriculum and subsequent workplace practice. This paper reflects back and reviews the introduction of such training within the construction industry in Western Australia as it adapts to the additional pressures of the development boom. This paper reviews the impact of such training on the commerical sector of the industry, the training organisations and the employees, using a mixed methods study reviewing both stakeholder perceptions and accident statistics. The study presents a landscape of construction workplaces where the culture is in a state of change. The final discussion projects forwards, tracing the complex relationships between research, policy formation and implementation that underpins the development and embedding of such national programmes.

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