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Fink, D. (2011). Reengineering the academic unit's research practice: a stages model. Paper presented at the 2011 International Conference on Business and Information. Bangkok, Thailand. Available here


The paper presents a stages model that guided the efforts of an academic unit at an Australian university to improve its research performance. Aiming to grow the research culture it used the re-engineering approach to bring about a transformation. There are four stages in the model used: establishing the current research presence, facilitating research interaction, increasing research transactions and achieving research transformation. Part of stage 1 was a survey to establish significant gaps between staff research expectations and perceptions. Progress for stages 1 and 2 were able to be managed within the academic unit but stage 3 was largely influenced by university processes. The final stage (stage 4) will only be reached in a year or two when the research expectations-perceptions survey should be repeated to measure the degree of change that has been achieved. The approach outlined in the paper should be of value to other academic units seeking to re-engineer their research efforts.

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