Effective Scheduling Algorithm for On-Demand XML Data Broadcasts in Wireless Environments

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Australian Computer Society Inc.


Heng Tao Shen and Yanchun Zhang


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Security Science




Qin, Y., Wang, H., & Xiao, J. (2011) Effective Scheduling Algorithm for On-Demand XML Data Broadcasts in Wireless Environments. Paper presented at the 22nd Australasian Database Conference. Perth, Australia. Available here


The organization of data on wireless channels, which aims to reduce the access time of mobile clients, is a key problem in data broadcasts. Many scheduling algorithms have been designed to organize ∞at data on air. However, how to eÆectively schedule semi- structured information such as XML data on wireless channels is still a challenge. In this paper, we Ørstly propose a novel method to greatly reduce the tuning time by splitting query results into XML snippets and to achieve better access e±ciency by combining simi- lar ones. Then we analyze the data broadcast schedul- ing problem of on-demand XML data broadcasts and deØne the e±ciency of a data item. Based on the deØnition, a Least E±cient Last (LEL) scheduling al- gorithm is also devised to eÆectively organize XML data on wireless channels. Finally, we study the per- formance of our algorithms through extensive exper- iments. The results show that our scheduling algo- rithms can reduce both access time and tuning time signiØcantly when compared with existing work.

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