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Game Council for NSW


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MacCarthy, M., O’Neill, M., & Cripps, H. (2011). An investigation into the use of sound moderators on firearms for game and feral management in New South Wales. New South Wales, Australia: Game Council for NSW. Report available here


This report has been prepared as a summary of the key findings of a study investigating the feasibility of using sounds moderators on firearms in New South Wales (NSW) for the purposes of hunting game and feral animals. The study was commissioned by the Game Council for NSW (hereafter referred to as the ‘Council’) with the intent of identifying any known impediments to the use of sound moderators for hunting purposes. While based largely on secondary data, the investigative panel found no link between sound moderators and their use in petty or organised criminal activity. Further, and based upon a review of other legislative regimes where moderator use is legally permitted, the panel submits that the benefits pertaining to moderator use by the civilian, hunting, law enforcement and military communities points to a need for a more informed debate on legislative change within NSW.

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