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More information on the Busselton Jetty here


Research Background: Sculptures were commissioned for Jetty from Safehaven Studio who provided a professional workshop to local writers in order to commission writing. I was invited to attend. Workshops included a marine biologist specialising in Geographe Bay and local historian, internationally renowned nature writer Mark Tredinnick and facilitator Donna Ward from Indigo Journal. Research involved site visits and discussions with these local experts with the intention of producing well considered literary works. This poem was produced in 2011 for the jetty installation and considers the question of permanence and change in the life of the jetty, which is subject to natural forces. It also considers the historic context of the railway line on the jetty. This fits within the burgeoning field of ecological literature.

Research Contribution: The poem was one of 12 chosen for etching into steel or glass along the jetty. It considers the cultural significance of the railway in the history of the jetty and its role in the timber industry. It contributes to the understanding of history and sense of place. The poem is etched into the steel rails on the jetty.

Research Significance: The project was Highly Commended as an outstanding interpretation project that enhances place in the Western Australian Heritage Awards 2012. ( The Busselton Jetty is the major tourist attraction in the South West, attracting over 400,000 visitors each year ( The poem is on permanent display as part of the interpretive writing and sculpture with attribution to me.

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