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Pagram, J. E., & Williams, P. (2012). Do you want authenticity with that?: Online practical exams in an engineering course. Proceedings of Australian Computers in Education Conference . (pp. 1-9). W.A., Perth, Australia. ACCE/ECAWA. Available here


This paper reports on part of the results of a three-year study conducted at the Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies (CSaLT) at Edith Cowan University in collaboration with the Curriculum Council of Western Australia. This paper focuses on the use of a computer managed examination in Engineering Studies. A computer-managed examination was designed that consisted of a design task that was broken down into a number of timed activities. Students were paced through each activity, recording their input in the form of a portfolio. Input consisted of text, graphics through a camera, video and voice. The exam outputs were uploaded to an online repository; the students’ work was then marked by external assessors. The general aim was to provide students with assessment opportunities that were authentic, while being able to be reliably and manageably assessed by external examiners.

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