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Green, L. R. (2012). Children's interests in the National Classification Scheme Review. Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Communication Assocation (ANZCA) Conference. (pp. 17). Adelaide, Australia. ANZCA. Available here


It is twenty years since the last thorough review of the National Classification System, and those twenty years have witnessed the burgeoning of the internet and the impact of convergence on what used to be the separate spheres of media, telecommunications and information and communication technologies. Over that time there has been an increasing emphasis placed on children: the need to promote their opportunities in the digital world, and the responsibility of parents, policy makers, content providers and other adults to help protect them from risks. This paper examines the recommendations of the National Classification System Review bearing in mind the findings of AU Kids Online, a research project with 400 Australian children aged 9–16 and the parent most involved in their internet use. The AU Kids Online research was commissioned by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation and parallels the activities of the €2.5 million EU Kids Online research network, which was funded by the European Commission to ensure a robust evidence base for policy development in this critical area. Protecting children from harm while promoting confidence, competence and enjoyment, in terms of their digital skills and activities, is clearly a core concern of a revised National Classification System.

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