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Newhouse, C. P. (2012). Effective School Leadership for Return on Investment in ICT. Proceedings of Australian Computers in Education Conference (ACEC). (pp. 7). Perth, Australia. Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). Available here


Research in Western Australian schools and reports from studies across the nation over the past decade have supported international research to find that the leadership of a school is a critical factor in the way in which of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are used, and their subsequent impact on teaching and learning. This paper discusses this relationship by drawing on a range of local research and international reports. In a range of school situations it was found that particular characteristics of the leadership of a school and related decision-making processes are key determinants to the successful integration of ICT by teachers. While the Principal is a key component it was found that involvement of a leadership team that includes a Curriculum leader who provides vision and support for teachers’ in the use of ICT is the most important component. The effectiveness of such a role depends on its connection with the leadership structure of a school, the status of the person in the role, and a range of personal characteristics, including a combination of curriculum understanding and competence in the use of ICT.

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