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Barratt-Pugh, L. G., & Bahn, S. T. (2012). Cutting corners: How pre-site Construction Induction Training improves work safety but illuminates the issues of online certification. Proceedings of Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association Annual Conference. (pp. 1-9). Canberra, Australia. Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association. Available here


Introducing practices to reduce the work-related injuries in the construction industry is a continual challenge, specifically in WA where the industry is experiencing a second development boom. In 2006, Worksafe WA responded by introducing pre-site mandatory certification in safety awareness training for all construction employees. This paper reviews the impact of this training on the housing and civil sectors of the industry. It is a mixed mode study presenting the lost time injury/disease statistics, perceptions of the stakeholders from survey responses, and from subsequent interviews. The findings indicate a positive cultural change within the industry but an increasing scepticism about online assessment and certification procedures with evidence that some cut corners rather than engage in learning. The final research report from this study has confirmed the value this training initiative has for the industry. The voice of the discussion now focuses upon how to protect the validity of the training and certification processes.

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