Corporate Security in the Asia Pacific Region: Crisis, Crime, Fraud and Misconduct

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Cubbage, C., & Brooks, D. J. (2012). Corporate Security in the Asia Pacific Region: Crisis, Crime, Fraud and Misconduct. CRC Press.


As corporations and governments become more litigious and risk averse, international risk management becomes more complex. Corporate Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: Crisis, Crime, Fraud, and Misconduct examines real cases of corporate crisis, crime, fraud, and other misconduct that corporate security professionals need to be aware of to effectively protect people, operations, and assets within the region. Current security threats and risks are addressed to help readers conduct an informed risk assessment and analysis of operational risk. Providing detailed guidance on how to address the unique threats and risks in this dynamic and growing business environment, the book: - Presents an overview of the region, with relevant historical background - Offers recent case examples of crime and common issues facing a given region or country - Highlights the range and frequency of corporate security-related breaches and crimes specific to countries in the region - Provides detailed write-ups of every country in the region including the major players—Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines - Outlines security best practices for navigating the political and law enforcement challenges involved with operating in the region This book provides readers with the regional snapshot and geo-political background needed to understand the cultural differences, challenges, and the state of affairs for any country in the region. Filled with detailed cases of crime, theft of trade secrets, risk factors, and best practices, this book provides the real-world understanding you’ll need to conduct better-informed security management that will lead to improved decisions on how to protect your people and assets in the Asia-Pacific region.

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