A case study of internet banking security of mainland Chinese banks: A customer perspective

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Subsorn, P. , & Limwiriyakul, S. (2012). A case study of internet banking security of mainland Chinese banks: A customer perspective. Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks. (pp. 189-195). Phuket, Thailand. IEEE. Available here


Over the past few decades, internet banking has been adopted more regularly to support and enhance the performance of the banking industry operations and management. This increasing trend has meant that security issues of confidentiality, integrity, and privacy have become progressively more serious in internet banking systems to both the banks and customers. This paper is a an extension to the previous research done on Internet Banking in 19 selected licensed banks in Hong Kong. It focuses on internet banking security in 13 selected local mainland China banks. The combined results of both these investigations was used to generate a more practical and inclusive guideline (the internet banking security checklist version 1.05). Whilst the results from the previous research indicate a partial lack of related internet banking security information in all the selected Hong Kong banks' websites. All of the selected China banks' websites were deficient in this regard, particularly for information in English. Consequently, this lack of information can negatively impact the confidentiality of its existing as well as potential internet banking customers to both the selected Chinese and Hong Kong banks.



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