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Szewczyk, P. S. (2012). An Australian Perspective on the Challenges for Computer and Network Security for Novice End-Users. Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law, 7(4), 51-72. Available here


A good portion of today's investigations include, at least in part, an examination of the user's web history. Although it has lost ground over the past several years, Microsoft's Internet Explorer still accounts for a large portion of the web browser market share. Most users are now aware that Internet Explorer will save browsing history, user names, passwords and form history. Consequently some users seek to eliminate these artifacts, leaving behind less evidence for examiners to discover during investigations. However, most users, and probably a good portion of examiners are unaware Automatic Crash Recovery can leave a gold mine of recent browsing history in spite of the users attempts to delete historical artifacts. As investigators, we must continually be looking for new sources of evidence; Automatic Crash Recovery is it.

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