Firewatch: Use Of Satellite Imagery By Remote Communities In Northern Australia For Fire Risk Communications

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Brady, D.; Holloway, D. & Green, L. (2012). Firewatch: use of satellite imagery by remote communities in Northern Australia for fire risk communications. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication (CATaC) 2012, Aarhus, Denmark.


This paper presents the contextual background and early findings from a new research project funded by the Australian Research Council titled Using community engagement and enhanced visual information to promote FireWatch satellite communications as a support for collaborative decision-making FireWatch (provided by Landgate in Western Australia) is an internet-based public information service based on near real time satellite data showing timely information relevant to bushfire safety within Australia. However, it has been developed in a highly technical environment and is currently used chiefly by experts. This project aims to redesign FireWatch for ordinary users and to engage a remote community in Northern Australia in this process, leading to improved decision making surrounding bushfire risk.

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