Friendly schools plus : Teacher resource : Early early to middle adolescence 11-14 years

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STEPS Professional Development

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Ascot, WA


Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC)


Cross, D., Waters, S., & Thompson, S. (2012). Friendly schools plus : Teacher resource : Early to middle adolescence 11- 14 years. Ascot, Australia: STEPS Professional Development.


The Friendly Schools Plus whole-school process, described below, is a strengths-based, whole-school participatory process that enables schools to recognise, develop, implement, and sustain a wholeschool approach that supports their students' unique social and emotional learning and fosters the prevention of bullying behaviours. Friendly Schools Plus recognises that to achieve sustainable behaviour change that is integrated, holistic and strategic, it is necessary to implement a whole-school approach rather than focus only on individual behaviour. As can be seen in Figure 1 the process comprises seven steps using a whole-school approach, grounded in evidence-based research. Accompanying each step is a range of components including print-based resources, electronic and online tools.

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