The effects of perspective and presentation: User experience in a virtual art gallery

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Ivancic, D., Schofield, D. , & Dethridge, L. (2013). The effects of perspective and presentation: User experience in a virtual art gallery. In S. Trautman and F. Julien (Eds.). Virtual environments: Developments, applications and challenges (pp. 53-77). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Original book available here


One recent application of virtual reality technology is the creation of virtual art galleries. These allow artists and enthusiasts to showcase works in an accessible, online environment and are usually free to access. The aim of this research project is to analyze virtual art representations in an online, three-dimensional graphic environment.Specifically the research aims to discern how viewing art through these environments relates to the user experience. The representation of art in virtual environments is also examined to increase our understanding of the spectrum of reality/virtuality in media presentations. This chapter describes a series of experiments involving 24 participants who experienced virtual artworks in multiple gallery environments and utilizing different viewing perspectives. Key terms are initially defined and introduced during a discussionof virtual worlds. The chapter then provides and analysis of the data recorded and gathered during user-testing and experimentation within a specific virtual art gallery in the online virtual world Second Life. Demographic data is linked to the user experience focusing on the use of first person (egocentric) and third person (exocentric) screen perspectives. An examination of the user's perception of both two-dimensional and threedimensional virtual artifacts is also provided. The chapter concludes with an insight into the usability and effectiveness of designing, presenting and experiencing art in a threedimensional virtual environment.