A Paradigmatic model of project governance

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Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research


Faculty of Business and Law


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Fink, D. (2013). A Paradigmatic Model of Project Governance . Paper presented at the 2013 International Conference on Business and Information. Bali, Indonesia.(pp. H393-H406). Taiwan: Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research.


Since projects have become vectors of organisational strategy, a governance approach is required in which project activities are managed at all levels of the organisation. Project governance however is a relatively new concept and is best understood through the lenses of different paradigms. Three research paradigms were applied because of their relevance to different facets of project governance. Design science ensured rigour and problem-relevance in developing an artifact of project governance in the form of guiding principles. It was found that their main objectives were strategic alignment and value management. To evaluate the contextual influences on the artifact, the constructivist paradigm was used. These moderating variables were identified as human and organisational factors. At the project level, a pragmatic approach was deemed necessary because of its emphasis on the practical and action. Senior management are advised to give project governance greater attention and make it part of their corporate governance responsibilities.

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