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Bahn, S. T., & Barratt-Pugh, L. G. (2013). Improving safety culture: The impact of the construction induction training on the construction industry in Western Australia. In Work, employment and employment relations in an uneven patchwork world: Proceedings of the 27th AIRAANZ Conference (pp. 11-25). Fremantle, Australia: Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand. Availablehere


Australia strives to be a world leader in safety practice however improving safety cultures to reduce work-related injuries in the hazardous environment of the construction industry is a continual challenge. It is particularly difficult in Western Australia (WA) where the industry is engaging with the second development boom this century, often in isolated locations, and simultaneously adapting to the national harmonisation of OHS regulations. In 2006, Worksafe WA introduced mandatory certification in safety awareness training for all employees, before they could begin work on a construction site. This paper reviews the impact of this training on the construction industry, presenting both the perceptions of the stakeholders from their survey returns and through the analysis of lost time injury/disease statistics. The findings of the study indicate that the training has played a role in decreased work-related injuries and changing attitudes to safety training.

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