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This article was originally published by the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management as: Susomrith, P. , & Coetzer, A. J. (2013). An Exploratory study of factors influencing the participation in training and development of engineers in small businesses. In In 27th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference 2013 : managing on the edge, 4-6 December 2013, Hobart, Tasmania (pp. 1-18). Hobart, Australia: ANZAM. Original article available here


The provision of workforce training and development (T&D) has the potential to provide benefits to both employers and employees. However, employees in small businesses receive less access to T&D than employees in large businesses. Prior research into reasons for the relatively low levels of employee participation in formal T&D in small businesses has typically involved surveys of owner-manager opinions regarding ‘barriers’ to T&D. This study explored factors influencing employee participation in T&D from the perspective of employees. Data were collected through semistructured interviews with 15 employees in small engineering businesses. Consistent with the main aim of exploratory research, the study produced (four) generalisations that are grounded in the interview data. These generalisations help establish the groundwork for future studies.

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