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This article was originally published as: Bunney, D., & Therry, L. (2013). A collaborative and consultative approach to embedding employability skills across the curriculum. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 2(4), 103-115. Original article available here


This paper describes how a collaborative and consultative approach was applied to the embedding of employability skills across the twelve unit Master of Professional Accounting by one School in an Australian university. Three distinct phases are carried out in this project and reported on in this paper. The first phase involved identification of key employability skills. The second phase involved gathering of information from unit co-ordinators teaching in the program. Four main sources were investigated: unit plans, questionnaires, interviews, and then follow-up questionnaires. Information from these sources revealed that there was no co-ordinated approach to addressing employability skills in the program; strategies employed by individual unit coordinators were inconsistent and lacked appropriate content, assessment and feedback. A disparity was also found between accounting and non-accounting coordinators in their willingness to embed employability skills and undertake changes. The final part of the paper outlines a proposed framework for the embedding and scaffolding of employability skills across all twelve units.

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