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Original Creative Work


WA Poets Inc

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Inglewood, WA


School of Arts, Regional and Professional Studies / ECU South West Research Centre




McKenzie, V. (2013). "Philogyny #2." In Liana Joy Christensen (Ed.), Poetry d'Amour 2014: Love poems, (pp. 134). Inglewood, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc. Publishers website available here.


Background: The work is in traditional Shakespearean sonnet form, which has a long association with love poems, but plays with persona and voice in unexpected ways. The title plays on the philogyny/phylogeny pun with a focus on female anatomy and floral taxonomy.

Contribution: The work is included in the section named Ouroboros. Introducing this section the editor writes: The playful, silly and humorous are as much a part of love as the deeper, darker passions. This statement is repeated on the volumes' back cover and on the website to sum up the collection as a whole. Inverting Shakespeares' formula, Philogyny #2 addresses a female subject but may speak from a male or female perspective. The work is innovative in its provocative and playful focus on ambiguous sexuality and female genitalia, apt subjects for love poetry.

Significance: The volume includes 118 new and unpublished poems by 69 poets including some of Australias' most prominent. The anthology is the result of a competition and those anthologised represent the top-ranking poems of more than 180 entries. The anthology is accompanied by Valentines Day performance events and workshops featuring poets of national significance such as Mark Tredinnick.

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