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This article was originally published as: Yap, K., Cawley, T., & Matson, P. (2013). Internal quality control for the direct MAR IgG test: A simple and effective method using spiked seminal plasma. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction, 2(1), 49-51. Original article available here


Objective: To introduce a system using spiked seminal plasma for the QC of the MAR direct test, and to facilitate the determination of assay variability.

Methods: A simple quality control (QC) system for use in the direct MAR test was developed using samples prepared by adding serum to antibody-negative centrifuged seminal plasma to obtain optimal binding, and storing 0.4 mL aliquots at −20 °C in straws. The serum was either from vasectomised men (positive control) or an antibody-negative woman (negative control). QC samples were thawed and mixed 1:1 with donor semen and pre-incubated for 1 hr at 37 °C, and tested for sperm antibodies using the direct method of the MarScreen IgG kit (Fertility Technology Resources, USA). Two batches of controls were prepared and one of these was run on each day.

Results: The negative controls invariably gave binding of less than 5%, whereas the two positive controls had binding (mean ± sd) of 89.5% ± 6.2 % (coefficient of variation [CV] = 7.0%) and (97.2 ± 2.5) (CV = 2.6%).

Conclusions: In summary, spiked seminal plasma incubated with whole semen can be used as a QC sample in the direct MAR IgG test.



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