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Annals of Biomedical Engineering

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Support for the CHAMP consensus conference was obtained from the National Football League and Football Research Inc.


Arbogast, K. B., Caccese, J. B., Buckley, T. A., McIntosh, A. S., Henderson, K., Stemper, B. D., & Crandall, J. R. (2022). Consensus Head Acceleration Measurement Practices (CHAMP): Origins, methods, transparency and disclosure. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 50, 1317-1345.


The use of head kinematic measurement devices has recently proliferated owing to technology advances that make such measurement more feasible. In parallel, demand to understand the biomechanics of head impacts and injury in sports and the military has increased as the burden of such loading on the brain has received focused attention. As a result, the field has matured to the point of needing methodological guidelines to improve the rigor and consistency of research and reduce the risk of scientific bias. To this end, a diverse group of scientists undertook a comprehensive effort to define current best practices in head kinematic measurement, culminating in a series of manuscripts outlining consensus methodologies and companion summary statements. Summary statements were discussed, revised, and voted upon at the Consensus Head Acceleration Measurement Practices (CHAMP) Conference in March 2022. This manuscript summarizes the motivation and methods of the consensus process and introduces recommended reporting checklists to be used to increase transparency and rigor of future experimental design and publication of work in this field. The checklists provide an accessible means for researchers to apply the best practices summarized in the companion manuscripts when reporting studies utilizing head kinematic measurement in sport and military settings.



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