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International Journal of Hospitality Management




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Wilk, V., Lambert, C., & Meek, S. (2022). Online brand detraction in an online opinion platform. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 107, Article 103345.


While most studies focus on positive consumer-driven brand outcomes, this study set out to understand a negative consumer-driven brand outcome - online brand detraction (OBD). Through the lens of social exchange theory, OBD was operationalized and compared to its direct opposite manifestation - online brand advocacy (OBA). A big data, qualitative analysis, with a longitudinal approach was used to understand OBD in an online opinion platform (OOP). Four key dimensions of OBD were found: brand negativity, brand attack, negative brand knowledge and experience sharing, and virtual visual cues. These dimensions are polar opposites of OBA - a highly sought-after organic form of user-generated content. Both OBD and OBA are required for authentic social exchanges in OOPs. The study provides brand managers with insights to better identify and understand OBD, suggesting a necessity for the development of an OBD scale to measure the construct. Theoretical and practical implications, and future research suggestions are discussed.



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