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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence


Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science


School of Business and Law




Mufadhol M., Mustafid M., Jie F., Hidayah Y. N. (2023). The new model for medicine distribution by combining of supply chain and expert system using rule based reasoning method. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI), 12(1), 295-304.


The medicine distribution supply chain is important, especially during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, because delays in medicine distribution can increase the risk for patients. So far, the distribution of medicines has been carried out exclusively and even some medicines are distributed on a limited basis because they require strict supervision from the Medicine Supervisory Agency in each department. However, the distribution of this medicine has a weakness if at one public health center there is a shortage of certain types of medicines, it cannot ask directly to other public health center, thus allowing the availability of medicines not to be fulfilled. An integrated process is needed that can accommodate regulations and leadership policies and can be used for logistics management that will be used in medicine distribution. This study will create a new model by combining supply chains with information systems and expert systems using the rule-based reasoning method as an inference engine that can be developed for medicine distribution based on a mobile hybrid system in the Demak District Health Office, Indonesia. So that a new framework model based on a mobile hybrid system can facilitate the distribution of medicines effectively and efficiently.



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