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Heart Foundation Vanguard grant (VG-101397) / National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia: DAC (1063761 co-funded by Heart Foundation, Australia), NEA (1072053), NAL (102055 co-funded by Heart Foundation)

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NHMRC Numbers : 1063761, 1072053, 102055

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Barnden, R., Cadilhac, D. A., Lannin, N. A., Kneebone, I., Hersh, D., Godecke, E., ... & Andrew, N. E. (2022). Development and field testing of a standardised goal setting package for person-centred discharge care planning in stroke. PEC Innovation, 1, 100008.


Objective: Develop and test a person-centred goal-setting package for discharge care planning in acute and rehabilitation stroke units. Methods: A multidisciplinary, expert working group (n = 15), and consumer group (n = 4) was convened. A multistage iterative approach was used to develop and test the package. Stages included: (i) contextual understanding, (ii) package development, and (iii) clinician training and field-testing in acute and rehabilitation settings. Observational field notes were taken and clinicians' perspectives captured using semi-structured focus groups post-testing. Results: The final package included a 34-item menu aligned with a manual containing: guideline summaries; common goals; goal metrics based on the SMART Goal Evaluation Method (SMART-GEM); evidence-based strategies; and worked examples. Twenty-three clinicians attended training. Clinician observations (n = 5) indicated that: the package could be incorporated into practice; a range of person-centred goals were set; and opportunities provided to raise additional issues. Clinician feedback (n = 8) suggested the package was useful and facilitated person-centred goal-setting. Enablers included potential for incorporation into existing processes and beliefs that it promoted person-centred care. Barriers included additional time. Conclusion: The package demonstrated potential to facilitate comprehensive person-centred goal-setting for patients with stroke. Innovation: We developed an innovative approach to support structured person-centred goal setting in clinical and research settings.



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