Next-generation enterprise security and governance

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Security, Audit and Leadership Series


Taylor & Francis


School of Science / ECU Security Research Institute


Ahmed, M., Moustafa, N., Barkat, A., & Haskell-Dowland, P. (Eds.). (2022). Next-generation enterprise security and governance. Taylor & Francis


The Internet is making our daily lives as digital as possible, and this new era is called the Internet of Everything (IoE). The key force behind the rapid growth of the Internet is the technological advancement of enterprises. The digital world we live in is facilitated by these enterprises’ advances and business intelligence. These enterprises need to deal with gazillions of bytes of data, and in today’s age of General Data Protection Regulation, enterprises are required to ensure privacy and security of large-scale data collections. However, the increased connectivity and devices used to facilitate IoE are continually creating more room for cybercriminals to find vulnerabilities in enterprise systems and flaws in their corporate governance. Ensuring cybersecurity and corporate governance for enterprises should not be an afterthought or present a huge challenge. In recent times, the complex diversity of cyber-attacks has been skyrocketing, and zero-day attacks, such as ransomware, botnet, and telecommunication attacks, are happening more frequently than before. New hacking strategies would easily bypass existing enterprise security and governance platforms using advanced, persistent threats. For example, in 2020, the Toll Group firm was exploited by a new crypto-attack family for violating its data privacy, where an advanced ransomware technique was launched to exploit the corporation and request a huge figure of monetary ransom. Even after applying rational governance hygiene, cybersecurity configuration and software updates are often overlooked when they are most needed to fight cyber-crime and ensure data privacy. Therefore, the threat landscape in the context of enterprises has become wider and far more challenging. There is a clear need for collaborative work throughout the entire value chain of this network. In this context, this book addresses the cybersecurity and cooperate governance challenges associated with enterprises, which will provide a bigger picture of the concepts, intelligent techniques, practices, and open research directions in this area. This book serves as a single source of reference for acquiring the knowledge on the technology, process, and people involved in next-generation privacy and security.



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