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Arman, H., Hadi-Vencheh, A., Kiani Mavi, R., Khodadadipour, M., & Jamshidi, A. (2022). Revisiting the interval and fuzzy topsis methods: Is euclidean distance a suitable tool to measure the differences between fuzzy numbers?. Complexity, 2022, Article 7032662.


Euclidean distance (ED) calculates the distance between n-coordinate points that n equals the dimension of the space these points are located. Some studies extended its application to measure the difference between fuzzy numbers (FNs).This study shows that this extension is not logical because although an n-coordinate point and an FN are denoted the same, they are conceptually different. An FN is defined by n components; however, n is not equal to the dimension of the space where the FN is located. This study illustrates this misapplication and shows that the ED between FNs does not necessarily reflect their difference. We also revisit triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy TOPSIS methods to avoid this misapplication. For this purpose, we first defuzzify the FNs using the center of gravity (COG) method and then apply the ED to measure the difference between crisp values. We use an example to illustrate that the existing fuzzy TOPSIS methods assign inaccurate weights to alternatives and may even rank them incorrectly.



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