Reflections on transitioning from senior nurses to novice nurse academics

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Journal Article

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Contemporary Nurse


Taylor & Francis


School of Nursing and Midwifery


Chen, Y., Nasrawi, D., Lakeman, R., & Massey, D. (2023). Reflections on transitioning from senior nurses to novice nurse academics. Contemporary Nurse, 59(1), 65-71.



The transition from practicing nurse to nurse academic can be stressful as novice nurse academics need to assume new roles and acquire new skills in addition to having demonstrated mastery over their field of clinical practice. In this reflection, the authors use Gibbs’ reflective cycle to reflect on the experience of transition from being senior nurses to novice nurse academics in the Australian university context. A description of the experience of transition is outlined alongside the feelings encountered. The positive and negative aspects of the experience are then evaluated and an analysis of the experience put forward with a conclusion related to the overall experience. An action plan for future practice is offered, which we hope will be of interest to anyone contemplating such a journey or supporting others in this process. The complex and challenging journey ahead for novice nurse academics is outlined, which offers opportunities for growth and development.



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