Authors' response to commentary on the article entitled, "Post-stroke lateropulsion rehabilitation outcomes: A retrospective analysis"

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Letter to the Editor

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Disability and Rehabilitation


Taylor & Francis


School of Medical and Health Sciences


Charlies Foundation for Research (RAC 2019-20-019) / Department of Health and Raine Medical Research Foundation Clinician Research Fellowship (CRF04-R9) / Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship


Nolan, J., Godecke, E., & Singer, B. (2023). Authors' response to commentary on the article entitled," Post-stroke lateropulsion rehabilitation outcomes: A retrospective analysis". Disability and Rehabilitation. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1080/09638288.2023.2172221


Dear Editor, We thank Dr Ben-Shabat and Professor Morgan for their interest in our research and their commentary regarding our study. It is important to note that this study utilised a database of routinely collected clinical data to explore functional outcomes associated with lateropulsion after stroke. As such, outcomes reported were limited to those measures included in the database. We found the following variables to be associated with poorer recovery: lateropulsion severity (measured by the Four-Point Pusher Score – 4PPS) on admission, older age, greater stroke severity (modified Rankin Scale – mRS), and Total Anterior Circulation Stroke (TACS) Oxford Classification. No people with persistent severe lateropulsion (4PPS = 3) on discharge who were included in the study were discharged home without a carer.



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