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Yang, W., Wang, S., Yin, X., Wang, X., & Hu, J. (2022). A review on security issues and solutions of the internet of drones. IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society, 3, 96-110.


The Internet of Drones (IoD) has attracted increasing attention in recent years because of its portability and automation, and is being deployed in a wide range of fields (e.g., military, rescue and entertainment). Nevertheless, as a result of the inherently open nature of radio transmission paths in the IoD, data collected, generated or handled by drones is plagued by many security concerns. Since security and privacy are among the foremost challenges for the IoD, in this paper we conduct a comprehensive review on security issues and solutions for IoD security, discussing IoD-related security requirements and identifying the latest advancement in IoD security research. This review analyzes a host of important security technologies with emphases on authentication techniques and blockchain-powered schemes. Based on a detailed analysis, we present the challenges faced by current methodologies and recommend future IoD security research directions. This review shows that appropriate security measures are needed to address IoD security issues, and that newly designed security solutions should particularly consider the balance between the level of security and cost efficiency.



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