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Elizabeth J. Cook

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Edith Cowan University


Strategic and Governance Services Centre


Cook, E. J. (2023). Relational employability teaching-learning framework. Edith Cowan University.


This framework was designed, developed and implemented during Elizabeth’s doctoral research, specifically in 2022-2023. Elizabeth’s conceptualisation of relational employability, as depicted by this framework, is holistic and shows three equally important relational elements of employability and careers, which may transcend time and space: (1) foundational career development and identities (self); (2) humanistic interactions and contributions throughout careers (other humans); and (3) more-than-human interactions and contributions throughout careers (beyond humans). The framework builds on the work of Nataša Lacković (2019) and was constructed to enable academics to deeply and meaningfully integrate careers and employability thinking-imagining within curricula and assessment. The framework is intentionally designed to enable its use by almost anyone (diverse ages and career stages) to, for example, reflect on their employability, career development, identities, contributions, career futures, etc.; real and/or imagined.



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