Cyberbullying in Western Australia and New Zealand high schools

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Journal Article

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New Zealand Law Journal


Victoria University


School of Business and Law




Tay, V., & Pearce, P. (2022). Cyberbullying in Western Australia and New Zealand high schools. New Zealand Law Journal, 409-414.


The internet provides some of the most effective means of communication. But alongside the positive aspects of the internet, cyberbullying is certainly one of the most negative aspects, especially with regard to school students. Cyberbullying occurs when the internet is used to bully another person. Victims of cyberbullying may be able to obtain legal sanctions, however, this usually occurs after the harm is done. In Australia, some states, including South Australia, have recognised the need for preventive strategies by requiring schools to have an anti-bullying plan in place, as stated in their 'Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017' (SA). Other jurisdictions, like Ontario, Canada have implemented similar preventative strategies in legislation, such as the 'Education Act 1990'. This article explores cyberbullying in high schools, as research has shown that cyberbullying is most prevalent among school-aged children, mainly those between the ages of 13–15 years and decreases as they age.

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