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Edith Cowan University


School of Education


Morris, J. E. & Imms, W. (2023). Plans to pedagogy activity report phase two: What impact does ‘innovative’ furniture have on student engagement and teacher practices? Edith Cowan University.


Phase Two of this project, conducted during the 2021 academic year, repeated an A-B-A withdrawal design to rotate (across terms 2, 3, and 4) the furniture in 4 primary school classrooms from innovative to traditional furniture arrangements.1 A fifth classroom with innovative furniture was used as a control. Three-weekly repeated measures were taken across the terms of: (1) characteristics impact students’ engagement, namely creative thinking, peer support and risk taking, (2) teachers’ observed actions in their classrooms, and (3) photographs by students of their preferred furniture item/s, with annotations explaining this preference. Once-a-term measures included (4) structured teacher interviews to unpack observation data, and pre-post measures included (5) a Teacher Mind Frame survey to explore teachers’ judgements of their impact.


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