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Edith Cowan University


Security Research Institute / School of Education / School of Science


Johnson, N. F., Ibrahim, A., Sikos, L., & Glowrey, C. (2022). Cyber security curriculum in Western Australian primary and secondary schools: Interim report: Curriculum mapping. Report for the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre and the Office of Digital Government, WA.


Cyber-crime poses a significant threat to Australians—think of, for example, how scams take advantage of vulnerable people and systems. There is a need to educate people from an early age to protect them from cyberthreats.

Consistent with the increasing prevalence of cyberthreats to individuals and organisations in Australia, the national Australian curriculum has been updated (version 9.0) to include specific content for cyber security for primary and secondary students up to Year 10. Endorsed by Education Ministers in April 2022, the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) completed a detailed audit of the endorsed Australian Curriculum version 9.0 against the current Western Australian curriculum. Furthermore, in 2022, SCSA undertook extensive consultation surrounding version 9.0 for all eight K-10 learning areas. This included obtaining stakeholder feedback from teachers, principals, industry professionals, universities, and system/sector representatives as well as engagement with Curriculum Advisory Committees, Steering Committees, and Curriculum and Assessment Committees. SCSA is committed to producing a high-quality curriculum that is suited for Western Australian schools including remote and regional schools...