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Supportive Care in Cancer

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School of Medical and Health Sciences / Exercise Medicine Research Institute


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Mavropalias, G. (2022). Elastic tubes: The ideal equipment for telehealth exercise medicine in the management of prostate cancer?. Supportive Care in Cancer. Advance online publication.


Prostate cancer (PCa) affects 1 in 8 men, but exercise therapy has been shown to be a very effective intervention not only to induce physiological benefits but to also reduce the side effects of cancer treatments typically administered during PCa. The COVID19 pandemic has restricted access to exercise clinics, a problem which always existed for people living in rural and remote areas. This caused many exercise physiologists and researchers to transition their clinic-based exercise to online, home-based exercise. We would like to propose that researchers and exercise physiologists should consider the use of elastic tubes in both research and the clinical management of PCa, when exercise programs are administered remotely, as their characteristics make them an ideal exercise equipment. In this article, the characteristics, considerations, and information on quantifying exercise dosage when using elastic tubes in remote exercise delivery are discussed.



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