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Edith Cowan University


Early Childhood Research Group / School of Education


Barblett, L., Boylan, F., & Ruscoe A. (2023). Transforming transitions to school: Using funds of knowledge and identity. Early Childhood Research Group. Edith Cowan University.


This resource describes a project where ten Western Australian Independent Schools embraced a way of viewing children and their family’s transition to school.

Participating teachers came together as a community of practice and engaged in different ways of thinking and investigating accepted practice.Transition practices were affirmed or challenged as teachers were mentored through design-based thinking. Transition ideas were explored focussing on children’s funds of knowledge and identity. This resource outlines why transitions are important, considers transitions through a funds of knowledge and identity lens, and describes each school’s journey as they re-imagined transitions in this project. Finally, the ideas and strategies that supported the adoption of new practices to affirm a child-centred approach to transition are described...

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