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Elizabeth J. Cook

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Edith Cowan University


Strategic and Governance Services Centre


Cook, E. J. (2023). Relational employability stages of development. Edith Cowan University.


The Relational employability stages of development aim to enhance individuals’ employability in a relational world. These stages – Recognition, Networks, Translation and Review – provide a pathway for individuals to cultivate relational awareness, engagement, promotion and reflection in the context of careers. When integrated with the Relational employability teaching-learning framework (Cook, 2023), these stages of development engage individuals in critical self-reflection, evaluation and career planning to advance their relational career development. This integrated approach empowers individuals to thrive and make meaningful contributions, extending employability beyond skills and outcomes to embrace meaningful connections and contributions with others (including more-than-human others). Applicable at any developmental stage, these stages foster progression from recognition to review, allowing individuals to cycle through them repeatedly and achieve higher levels of thought and action with each iteration. The Relational employability stages of development serve as a valuable tool for individuals to navigate and strengthen their relational employability, promoting holistic development and meaningful engagement throughout their careers.



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