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Journal Article

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Journal of Leisure Research


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law




This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in JOURNAL OF LEISURE RESEARCH on 02/06/2023, available online:

Luo, J., Huang, S., Jiao, R., & Li, Z. (2023). A gender perspective analysis of Chinese nationals’ leisure time allocation: Family life cycle versus demographic determinants. Journal of Leisure Research. Advance online publication.


Family life cycle and gender have a great impact on people’s leisure time allocation. This study uses a nationwide survey to examine the influence of family life cycle and demographic characteristics on Chinese nationals’ leisure time allocation from a gender perspective. We found that Chinese nationals in the life stage of “family with infants” have the least leisure time among the study subjects. Men have more leisure time than women at any stage of the life cycle. Marriage has the greatest negative effect on women’s educational leisure (amateur learning, non-formal education, and reading) and men’s physical leisure (physical exercises and fitness activities). Leisure time first decreases when income increases, but after income reaches a certain level, leisure time increases with increasing income. Education level positively affects leisure time allocation and has a particularly obvious effect on educational leisure. This study panoramically analyzes the factors that influence Chinese nationals’ leisure time. The findings have policy and industry implications in leisure consumption in other developing countries.



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