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Morgan, A., Nimphius, S., Stewart, G., Rayner, J., Croucher, A., & Bradshaw, S. (2023). Calling time: How to remove fossil fuel sponsorships from sports, arts & events. Climate Council.


Sports, arts and major events are deeply embedded in the Australian way of life. Weekend matches, concerts and festivals bring us together - to cheer, to share pride and excitement, to feel connected to each other and to keep building our national story.

When we barrack for our beloved teams, discover the work of a new local artist or laugh until our cheeks hurt at a comedy show, we are taking part in a ritual that has shaped social and cultural life in Australia for generations.

Climate change – driven by burning coal, oil and gas – is putting all of this at risk. From flooded festivals, to concerts cancelled by bushfire threats and unsafe heat disrupting play at the tennis, footy and more, climate change is wreaking havoc on the activities and events we love...

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