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Arafat, Y., Zhong, Y., Azhar, M. R., Asif, M., Tadé, M. O., & Shao, Z. (2023). CoNiFe-layered double hydroxide decorated Co-N-C network as a robust bi-functional oxygen electrocatalyst for zinc-air batteries. EcoMat. Advance online publication.


Rechargeable zinc-air batteries (ZABs) are cost-effective energy storage devices and display high-energy density. To realize high round-trip energy efficiency, it is critical to develop durable bi-functional air electrodes, presenting high catalytic activity towards oxygen evolution/reduction reactions together. Herein, we report a nanocomposite based on ternary CoNiFe-layered double hydroxides (LDH) and cobalt coordinated and N-doped porous carbon (Co-N-C) network, obtained by the in-situ growth of LDH over the surface of ZIF-67-derived 3D porous network. Co-N-C network contributes to the oxygen reduction reaction activity, while CoNiFe-LDH imparts to the oxygen evolution reaction activity. The rich active sites and enhanced electronic and mass transport properties stemmed from their unique architecture, culminated into outstanding bi-functional catalytic activity towards oxygen evolution/reduction in alkaline media. In ZABs, it displays a high peak power density of 228 mW cm−2 and a low voltage gap of 0.77 V over an ultra-long lifespan of 950 h. (Figure presented.).



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