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Frontiers in Earth Science




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Qi, Q., Dai, L., Lebedev, M., Müller, T., & Zhang, J. (2023). Editorial: Rock physics modeling and well-log practice for unconventional reservoirs [Editorial]. Frontiers in Earth Science, 11(2023), 1-3.


Unconventional resources with commercial interest in the world mainly include heavy oils, shales, coalbed methane and tight gas sands. The production and development of these resources have changed the supply pattern of global energy. Quantitative interpretation of geophysical data in the exploration, well logging and engineering development of the unconventional resources requires a comprehensive understanding of the physical properties of rocks and their relationships. The research of rock physics provides an interdisciplinary treatment of physical properties, whether it is highly related to geological, geophysical and geomechanical methodologies. The development of new rock physics methods is essential when integrating core, well-log, seismic data to improve the accuracy of formation evaluation and reservoir characterization. In this Research Topic, it includes 10 articles addressing a variety of rock physics studies on unconventional resources, highlighting fundamental theories, laboratory work and well-log interpretation. . . .



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