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Journal of School Health




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Scott, J. J., Vernon, L., & Metse, A. P. (2023). The international framework for school health promotion: Supporting young people through and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of School Health, 93(10), 920-929.


BACKGROUND: The worldwide COVID-19 government restrictions imposed on young people to limit virus spread have precipitated a growing and long-term educational and health crisis. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE THEORY: This novel study used Sen's Capabilities Approach as a theoretical framework to examine the current health and educational impacts of COVID-19 on youth, referencing emerging literature. The objective was to inform the design of an internationally relevant framework for school health promotion to support young people through and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Mapping of existing health resources, internal/external conversion factors and capabilities were used to identify classroom, school and system level strategies that will enable young people to flourish. Four central enablers were identified and used in the design of the International Framework for School Health Promotion (IFSHP). IMPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOL HEALTH POLICY, PRACTICE AND EQUITY: The IFSHP can be used by educational institutions, school leaders and teachers to innovate existing health promotion programs, policies and practices to support young people through and after the COVID-19 pandemic. CONCLUSIONS: School systems, schools and teachers are encouraged to utilize the IFSHP to review and innovate existing school health programs to ensure they meet the increased physical and mental health needs of young people.



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