Global sport management education: Policy, curriculum and implementation

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Global Sport Management Education: Policy, Curriculum and Implementation

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Routledge / Taylor & Francis


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Rayner, M., Webb, T., Sibson, R., & Tingle, J. K. (2023). Global sport management education: Policy, curriculum and implementation. Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003355076


Drawing on original and innovative research from around the world, this book explores issues and opportunities relating to internationalising sport management curriculum. It explains how to design and implement an international curriculum, and therefore how to better equip graduates for work in an increasingly global sport business environment. This book provides an in-depth understanding of the role educational developers can play in the internationalisation of higher education and in the provision of an internationalised learning experience for all students studying sport management around the globe. It introduces the core principles of the internationalisation of sport management education and how to apply those in teaching and learning on university courses, including the provision of study abroad programmes that improve interpersonal and communication skills, adaptability and self-confidence. Adopting a values-driven approach that puts global citizenship, cultural capital and international diversity at the heart of good programme design, this book touches on key issues in contemporary higher education, including employability, student support, inclusivity and equity, building influential learning communities and co-creation in teaching and learning. This is an invaluable resource for instructors, lecturers, course leaders, university administrators and policy makers with an interest in sport-related studies or the development of higher education.



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