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Connor, J., Flenady, T., Dwyer, T., & Massey, D. (2023). Application of classic grounded theory in nursing studies: A qualitative systematic review protocol. BMJ Open, 13(7), article e068588.


Introduction Classic grounded theory (CGT) is a valuable method for nursing research, but the application of CGT methodology in nursing studies has not been specifically investigated. With the increasing use of CGT in nursing research, attention is now focusing on the quality of studies using this methodology. In this systematic review, we aim to develop an understanding of the application of CGT methodology, specifically appraising the quality of the methodology's application in the field of nursing research. Methods and analysis The reporting of this review will be guided by the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic and Meta-Analysis guidelines statement and data synthesis guided by the Synthesis Without Meta-analysis guideline. Publications will be uploaded to Rayyan. The quality of each article will be assessed using the Critical Appraisals Skills Programme qualitative research appraisal tool. Analysis of the selected studies will be performed using the Guideline for Reporting and Evaluating Grounded Theory Research Studies, explicitly the CGT guiding principles. Ethics and dissemination Ethical approval is not required because only secondary data will be used in this review. The results of the final study will be published in a peer-reviewed open-access journal.



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