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The University University of Western Australia / Curtin University / Telethon Kids Institute / Women and Infants Research Foundation / Edith Cowan University / Murdoch University / The University of Notre Dame Australia / Raine Medical Research Foundation / National Health and Medical Research Council

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NHMRC Numbers: 1027449, 1044840, 1021858

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Metse, A. P., Eastwood, P., Ree, M., Lopresti, A., Scott, J. J., & Bowman, J. (2023). Sleep health of young adults in Western Australia and associations with physical and mental health: A population-level cross-sectional study. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 47(4), article 100070.


OBJECTIVES: This article aims to report on the sleep health characteristics of a population-level sample of young Australian adults and examine associations with measures of physical and mental health. METHODS: A cross-sectional study using data from the Raine Study. Data from participants (n = 1234) born into the study (Generation 2) at the 22-year follow-up were used, including data from a self-report questionnaire and polysomnography. RESULTS: The highest prevalence of suboptimal sleep health was seen on measures of sleep duration (30%), onset latency (18%), satisfaction (25%) and regularity (60%). Dissatisfaction with sleep (physical health: =0.08; mental health: =0.34) and impaired daytime alertness (physical health: =0.09; mental health: =0.08) were significantly associated with poorer physical and mental health and inadequate polysomnography-measured sleep duration was associated poorer mental health ( =0.07) (all ps < 0.05). CONCLUSIONS: Satisfaction with sleep and daytime alertness, both of which are assessed via self-report, are essential aspects of sleep health for young adults. IMPLICATIONS FOR PUBLIC HEALTH: Findings could inform public health interventions, including screening guidelines, to improve the sleep health and, in turn, the physical and mental health of young adults in Australia.



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