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Cogent Arts & Humanities






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Daliman, M., & James, J. (2023). The servant of god as a proactive manager: A team service solution model for meeting COVID-19 challenges in Indonesia. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 10(1), article 2225885.


Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have died in Indonesia from Covid−19; work practices have been disrupted and various changes have occurred, including the sphere of service in churches, foundations, schools, and universities. The study aims to understand the concept of the proactive manager as a servant of God: a representative and spokesman for God who is obliged to plan, implement, and evaluate what he/she is doing in carrying out what God wills during the challenges of the Covid−19 era in Indonesia. The research method used was content analysis from secular and biblical texts. The results showed that: (1) A proactive person identifies opportunities, takes initiatives, and perseveres in bringing about positive changes to the environment. (2) As a servant of God, a proactive manager is a representative and spokesman for God who plans, implements, and assesses his/her actions to carry out God’s purpose. Proactive leaders associated with God consistently develop team motivation, anticipate, and respond to the various challenges ahead, and make strategic decisions. Proactive leaders are transformative.



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