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Food Science and Nutrition




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Syarifa, R., Esmaeili, Y., Jafarzadeh, S., Garavand, F., Mahmud, S., & Ariffin, F. (2023). An investigation of the morphological, thermal, mechanical, and barrier properties of an active packaging containing micro‐and nano‐sized ZnO particles. Food Science & Nutrition, 11(11), 7373-7382.


Biodegradable films are extremely important for food packaging applications since they minimize environmental effects. However, their application areas are limited due to insufficient characteristics required for particular applications. The objective of the present research was to improve the properties of sago-based biodegradable films embedded with nano- and micro-ZnO (zinc oxide). Nano and micro-ZnO were incorporated in the films at different percentages (1%, 3%, and 5%) in that the films were formed using the solvent casting method. The physicochemical, barrier, thermal, optical, morphology, and mechanical properties of sago-based films were investigated. Adding 5% of micro- and nano-ZnO significantly improved film thickness (0.162 and 0.150 mm, respectively) and WVP (4.40 and 5.64 (kg/s)/(m.Pa), respectively) while the optical properties and thermal stability exhibited superior performance. Micro-ZnO particles improved the mechanical properties of sago-based biodegradable films with the tensile strength reaching 6.173 MPa. Moreover, sago-based nano-ZnO films showed excellent UV-shielding performance and relatively good visible-light transmittance. This study suggested that sago biodegradable film incorporated with micro-ZnO could be an excellent alternative to petroleum-based plastic packaging.



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